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This orientation module is designed to familiarize you with Tata Communications' Global Partner program and

 providing you an overview of associated portfolios, products , processes and tools


DC & Cloud Infographic (1588 KB)
15-Sep-2015 09:36:32
DC and cloud Executive Pitch (22569 KB)
15-Sep-2015 08:07:19
MES Executive Pitch (31720 KB)
15-Sep-2015 08:12:27
MES and CDN Infographic (1531 KB)
15-Sep-2015 09:38:28
Network Services Executive Pitch (22575 KB)
15-Sep-2015 07:59:15
Next Gen Network Services Infographic (1584 KB)
15-Sep-2015 09:34:00
UCC Infographic (1018 KB)
15-Sep-2015 09:35:30
UCC Portfolio overview (1163 KB)
15-Sep-2015 08:02:55
Tata Communications Overview Infographic (1328 KB)

One slider Overview of Tata Communications Including Product Portfolio and reach

15-Sep-2015 09:37:34